Do You Want to Buy High-Quality Shims? Check Out These Retailers!

Do you want to know where to buy composite shims that are high-quality and cost-effective? Timberwolf Shims is proud to have a variety of retailers who sell shims from their product line.

Timberwolf Shims Retailers

Here is a full list of retailers:

SKU 526445, Timberwolf Bidirectional Break Shims 12pk

Item# 5623367,  Timberwolf Shims 12pk

Orlando, FL; Spokane, WA & Lakeville, MN, 8” SmartShims

Orlando, FL, 8” Timberwolf 36ct, 8” Timberwolf 12pk

Orlando, FL, 8” SmartShims

8” Timberwolf 36ct

8” Timberwolf 32pk

8” Timberwolf 32pk

              Item# 2746-220                   8″ Timberwolf Shims 12 pk

8” Timberwolf 36ct

8” Timberwolf 32pk

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Do You Have Questions or Need More Information?

Do you want to discuss packaging options or find out how composite shims work better than wood shims? No matter what you need, the Timberwolf customer service team can help you! The team returns all inquiries within 24 hours. So, if you have any questions, please send an email to or call 815-648-2739!