Timberwolf 8” Composite Contractor Shims Work for When You’re on the Job or at Home!

The Timberwolf 8” Composite Contractor Shims have convenient packaging for building professionals to use while on the job. The convenient storage eliminates loose shims on the job site.

Timberwolf Contractor Shims That Work for Many Projects

The 32-count package of Timberwolf Contractor Shims provides jobsite functionality for a variety of projects.

An image showing the Timberwolf 8” Composite Contractor Shims in a storage case.

Use for Indoor Projects

Leveling | Plumbing | Appliances | Cabinets | Countertops | Doors | Windows | Furniture

Use for Outdoor Projects

Decks | Spas | Fountains | Gazebos

Packaging Options That Fit Any Project

As a building professional, you work a lot of different jobs with contractor tools, including shims. Timberwolf makes transporting and storing your shims much easier!

Here are the convenient packaging details for the Timberwolf 8” Composite Contractor Shims:

If you want to know more information or discuss different packaging options, contact Timberwolf Shims!

Shims That Are Made for Contractors

Building professionals need shims that won’t let them down. Timberwolf 8” Composite Contractor Shims have many features you won’t see in other building shims. They are:

  • Four times easier to snap than wood shims
  • 30% more load support than wood shims
  • Snap clean and easily at pre-scored lines
  • Don’t split or crack
  • Won’t rot, swell, or warp
  • Protected from water and insects

Timberwolf Shims are made for the building professional. Whatever your project may be, these shims will work for you!

Where to Buy Timberwolf 8” Composite Contractor Shims

Timberwolf Shims can be purchased at many retailers. If you need assistance, the Timberwolf customer service team returns calls or emails within 24 hours. You can contact Timberwolf Shims today at 815-648-2739 or info@timberwolfshims.com!