From Shim Manufacturing to the Many Uses of Shims!

Timberwolf Shims has been producing high-quality composite shims since 2005. They put a strong focus on how to make any building and repair project better.

For a shim manufacturing company, that means offering customers the best possible composite shim at a fair price.

Learn About Timberwolf Composite Shims

Timberwolf Shims are made from 100% recycled materials for a stronger and durable shim. They are designed and produced in-house with a proven shim manufacturing process of injection molding.

Each of the products snap four times easier and have 35% more load support than wood. They also have pre-scored lines for a clean and easy snap.

Timberwolf Shims are also perfect for indoor and outdoor use since they are waterproof, weatherproof, and insect-proof.

Receive Unmatched Customer Service

The Timberwolf Shims customer service team returns most inquiries within 24 hours to help as soon as possible. Dedicated service and customer relations mean:

  • 100% fill rates on orders
  • 99% on-time delivery on orders
  • Low lead times and quick turnaround
  • Competitive pricing
  • EDI capable

The Timberwolf customer service team is ready to answer questions and discuss packaging and quality options. Plus, the company stands by its products with a limited lifetime warranty.


Discover Answers to Frequently-Asked-Questions

Yes. Timberwolf composite shims are resistant to moisture and decay, thereby making them perfect for outdoor use.

Yes. Timberwolf composite shims have been tested and are resistant to moisture, rot, swelling, and warping. Therefore, they will work in your swimming pool.

You can use Timberwolf composite shims for the foundation of a grill, fountain, or small statue. You cannot use Timberwolf composite shims for the foundation of your home or apartment building. The Timberwolf composite shim is not rated for this type of use.

Absolutely! The Timberwolf composite shim product line is safe for you, your family, and your pets.

If you need to use multiple shims, insert the thickest end of the shim first until you reach your desired depth. Then, insert the second shim thin end first in the same orientation as the first.

Remember to always apply light pressure to the peak and valley side of the shim. The peaks and valleys will assist in providing a clean and easy snap.

Timberwolf composite shims are perfect for several home repair and construction uses. From cabinets and countertops, to window and door installations, to leveling outdoor fixtures and masonry, the Timberwolf composite shims provide a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution.

You can purchase Timberwolf composite shims at a variety of retailers.

Find Out More About Composite Shims

Timberwolf composite shims stand up to the toughest tests. For more information about the composite shims, go here:

Discover the Benefits of Timberwolf Composite Shims

Timberwolf’s composite shims are the perfect solution for door, window, or cabinet installations and repairs. To learn more about Timberwolf’s line of products, call 815-648-2739 or email!