The Timberwolf Stackable Horseshoe Shim Makes Window and Door Installations Easy!

The Timberwolf Stackable Horseshoe Shim provides a multitude of quick length and thickness shim adjustments for easy window, door, and cabinet installations.

Adapt the Horseshoe Shim to Different Projects

The Horseshoe Shim works for many different projects. Its U-shape provides the ability to install windows, doors, and cabinets with easy adjustments! 

An image showing the Timberwolf Stackable Horseshoe Shim in a bundled package.

Level and Plumb Indoor Projects

Windows | Cabinets | Countertops | Doors | Appliances | Furniture

Level and Plumb Outdoor Projects

Decks | Spas | Fountains | Gazebos

Discover the Many Packaging Options Available

Whether you’re looking at home repairs, construction work, retail, or distribution, Timberwolf Shims has what you need.

The convenient packaging options for the Timberwolf Stackable Horseshoe Shim are:

And if you would like to talk about other packaging options, please contact Timberwolf Shims to find out more!

Adjust the Stackable Horseshoe Shim with Ease

The Timberwolf Stackable Horseshoe Shim provides these distinct advantages:

  • Shim up to five different lengths with one quick snap (2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 3 ½” and 4 1/8”)
  • Shim up to 16 different thicknesses at 1/16-inch increments in one shim pack
  • Slotted to fit around screws and nails

Like all of the Timberwolf composite shims, the Timberwolf Stackable Horseshoe Shim offers the same great benefits of the other composite shims, including:

  • Won’t swell, warp, or rot
  • Splinter and crack resistant
  • Snaps easily at pre-scored lines
  • Resistant to weather, water, and insects
  • 30% more load support than wood

With the Timberwolf Stackable Horseshoe Shim, you can quickly and easily get your projects completed!

How to Buy the Stackable Horseshoe Shim

Timberwolf Shims are available for purchase through a variety of retailers. Do you want to know more about Timberwolf Shims? The Timberwolf customer service team is ready to help you! They will return inquiries within 24 hours. If you want to know more about the Stackable Horseshoe Shim, please send an email to or call 815-648-2739!