Get Virtually Any Project Accomplished with These Composite Shims!

Are you ready for a shim that snaps four times easier than wood and gives you more load support? Timberwolf Shims are high-quality composite shims that work on almost any project!

The 32 pre-scored lines provide a clean and easy snap. You can also adjust your shim with precision, making it quick, effective, and effortless! And with Timberwolf Shims, there’s no trimming involved, saving you time!

Check out the line of Timberwolf Shims products that work on both indoor and outdoor projects!

Timberwolf 8” Composite Shims (12 Count)

An image showing the Timberwolf 8” Composite Shims in a 12-count pack.

The Timberwolf 8” Composite Shims are designed with your home improvement and D-I-Y projects in mind. The composite shims’ durability protects it from water, weather, and insects. That makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

Timberwolf 8” Composite Contractor Shims (32 Count)

An image showing the Timberwolf 8” Composite Contractor Shims in a storage case.

When you’re on the job, you know how important shims can be. And loose shims can interfere with your work. The Timberwolf 8” Composite Contractor Shim gets rid of the issue of loose shims with convenient packaging for use and storage.

Timberwolf 8” Banded Composite Shims (36 Count)

An image showing the Timberwolf 8” Banded Composite Shims in a bundled package.

Are you planning a lot of projects around your house? Timberwolf’s 8” banded composite shims offer an even more cost-effective option. These shim packs come with 36 shims, letting you take care of any leveling and plumbing as well as cabinet, door, and window installations!


An image showing the Timberwolf SmartShim as part of a bundle as well as separate.

Timberwolf’s SmartShim combines the benefits of composite shims with wood shim costs. The result is a shim that’s easy to use and gives you a clean snap. Plus, the wood-alternative resists moisture, insects, splits, and cracks. When compared to other 8-inch wood shims, the SmartShim brings you a better performance at the same price.

Timberwolf Stackable Horseshoe Shim

An image showing the Timberwolf Stackable Horseshoe Shim in a bundled package.

Adjusting shims to the perfect length and thickness used to be difficult. The Timberwolf Stackable Horseshoe Shim gives you a multitude of quick length and thickness shim adjustments. It just takes one quick snap of the shim, and you can adjust to five different lengths. It’s designed to install windows, doors, and cabinets with ease!

Timberwolf 8” Bidirectional Break Composite Shim

The Timberwolf Bidirectional Break Composite Shims come in a convenient 12-piece package for all of your home improvement and DIY needs and offer the ability to snap with application of force either from pulling or pushing the shim.

Are You Ready for a Better Shim Experience?

Timberwolf Shims provides products for all your project needs! To find out more about Timberwolf’s high-quality, affordable composite shims, call today.