Replace Your Wood Shims with the Timberwolf SmartShim!

The Timberwolf SmartShim functions like a standard wood shim but gives you the many benefits of a composite shim. Read on to learn about the SmartShim difference!

Take Advantage of the Many Uses of the SmartShim

The Timberwolf SmartShim can be used for almost any project. When directly compared to the 8” wood shims, the SmartShim gives you more performance, but at the same price!

Use for Indoor Projects

Leveling | Plumbing | Appliances | Cabinets | Countertops | Doors | Windows | Furniture

Use for Outdoor Projects

Decks | Spas | Fountains | Gazebos

Discover Convenient Packaging Options

Timberwolf offers great packaging options for all your project needs. These options are perfect for do-it-yourselfers, home and building professionals, and retailers:

And if you have questions or want more information, you can contact Timberwolf Shims to discuss even more packaging possibilities!

Enjoy a Better Option Than Standard Wood Shims

The SmartShim can be utilized for the same tasks and functions as our Timberwolf 8” shim, with the characteristic of reduced load support comparable to 8” wood shim standards to provide cost savings.

With the SmartShim, you still get the same unique qualities of the composite shim, such as:

  • Four times easier to snap than wood shims
  • Easy snap at pre-scored lines
  • Split- and crack-resistant
  • Moisture- and insect-resistant
  • Will not warp, swell, or rot
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

The Timberwolf SmartShim truly offers “Composite Shim Performance, Wood Shim Price”©

Wondering How to Get the Timberwolf SmartShim?

Timberwolf Shims are offered at an assortment of retailers. The Timberwolf customer service team is also ready with any questions you have about the SmartShim! They will return calls and emails within 24 hours. So, if you need more information, please send an email to or call 815-648-2739!